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recent/current commissions


Dr Cathy Price

Dr Maxine Zahra Montefort

Roger Daltrey

going to Heathfield

Noel Gallagher

Liam Gallagher

going to Sussex

Mr Bones - British bulldog

going to Lydney


Rag 'n' Bone Man

going to Heathfield

Jo Marler

going to Sussex

Tun Mahathir

Malaysian Prime Minister 

going to Kuala Lumpar


Richard Stitson

going to Australia

Romeo - orangutan

going to Switzerland

Llama's Barbara, Charles and Kenneth

going to Newport

Bliss chocolate labrador going to Hythe

4 dogs and 3 cats

going to Sussex

Peanut the boxer puppy going to USA

Wiwik Astutik and orangutan going to Borneo

Malcolm Airey

going to Ambleside

Betty the spaniel

going to Lewes

Mac the Firefighter

going to Bradford


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currently exhibiting at
Perdana Gallery
Kuala Lumpar
Royal Victoria Place
Tunbridge Wells
Sept/Oct '24
Walls of Fame Gallery
'Faces we know and love'
June 2022
Gallery Different
Percy Street
Walls of Fame Gallery
'Faces of Heathfield'
Bethan and Georgia Archer
March 2020
Powdermills Gallery​
Nov 2019 2021
Walls of Fame Gallery
March 2019
Denmead Arts
Sept annually
High Hurstwood Arts Fair
26th - 28th April





most works now available as a signed limited edition print

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