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I have been making art since graduating from Newport Art School, University of Wales, in 1986. The multi-disciplinary Fine Art course nurtured in me a love of sculpture and photography. I have been teaching these since 1990, and over the years have supported 1000's of students on their path to University and careers in the creative professions.

Whilst endeavouring to push my own skills further I have turned to painting in recent years.

My 1st major exhibition was a result of a project started in  January 2016, working on a series of large scale portraits. I live in a tiny village in Sussex with a thriving pub. The project came about after watching the many and varied faces that frequented this hostelry.

We all view faces very differently, attraction to one is not the same for everybody. Faces tell a story, and as we age they become engrained with our experiences of life. I am fascinated with laughter lines and furrowed brows. I like to imagine the character of the person and what colours would portray their personality.

Most of my subjects are known to me and I try to give something of their character to the viewer, through composition, colour, pose or use of line.

A trip to Borneo in 2017 inspired me to paint the orangutans I worked with there and a subsequent partnership with the National Geographic photographer Wiwik Astutik has enabled me to continue this work.

Recently I have become very interested in hands. I have been asked to do an exhibition of 'famous faces' in 2022, and I am working on a project portraying the subject, sometimes with hands around the face, sometimes with a painting of their hands beneath

My love of painting has grown and has now become a passion.

Currently, I have regular commission work and exhibit throughout Sussex. 





“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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